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        • Our beauty care collection are products based in essential ingredients that will nourish, restore and revitalize your hair and body and are made right here in Canada. Give our signature brand Shea Loco or any of our partner brands a try to maintain your Studio Grade glow.

        • What is the difference between the grades?

          Grade A hair is 100% Raw virgin hair, is thicker and fuller. It's the type of hair that gets better after every use.

          Grade B on the other hand, is the most popular hair on the market. Slightly mixed, with virgin hair (not raw) and will expire overtime.

          Grade C 100% Processed Hair - Expires in 6 months - Not in store.

        • You can choose to build your lash bundle package for only $55CAD. Or buy any single pair for $25CAD. The choice is yours over 40 mink styles to choose from.

        • Complete your total look with one of our fashion pieces to make you stand out from the crowd. All of our pieces are hand selected by our in-house wardrobe stylist who keeps our Studio Grade closets trendy and fashionable.

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Grade B-Afro Kink Closure


  • 100% Asian sourced hair
  • Premium strands some fillers
  • Brown Lace
  • Size 4x4"
  • Naturally tapered ends
  • Holds curls hold for days
  • Medium to Low lustre
  • Last 1+ years with proper care
  • 95-105 grams in each bundle
  • Color of closure to bundles may vary

Every unit needs the perfect finishing touch. For most people a closure is their first choice to complete their wig units. Other times, it is used instead of leaving out your natural hair at the top when doing a sewn-in. However, you like to top up your style. Our Grade B closure portfolio is just the thing you need to match up your weaves and wigs.

All of our Grade B Closures are made with standard brown lace material that is strong and reliable. A fully customizable piece, you can bleach the knots to lighten the lace or leave it as is. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that our Grade B Closure portfolio will have people curious and loving your style.


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